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How Your Network Could Be Limiting Your Career Prospects

A sociologist named Mark Granovetter authored the concept of “The Strength of Weak Ties” back in 1973.  He did a study on people who found jobs through networking.  The study revealed that only 16% of the people who found a job heard about it from someone they spoke to regularly, someone in their tight network. 

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An Easy, but Critical, Interview Mistake You Want to Avoid

There’s a common mistake candidates often make in interviews.  I witness this with when interviewing people for all ranges of positions, from junior level all the way up to the most senior level positions. That mistake is asking really poor questions or not asking questions at all. I’ve interviewed people who look great on paper,

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8 Shockingly Common Mistakes Applicants Make When Applying to a Job

I was recently involved a senior-level hiring process for a company of which I’m on the board.  I offered to the CEO to spearhead the initial hiring efforts so he could remain focused on the business. Every time I’m involved in a hiring process, I’m always so amazed by how many applicants do such an

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Are we really all in this together?

Many of us, myself included, have used the phrase “we’re in it together” numerous times in the past six weeks.  But for someone experiencing a job loss or closure of their business, it can be hard to feel like other people are “in it together” with you. The pace of permanent business closures has accelerated

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5 Tips For Changing Industries

Changing industries is hard. Recruiters and hiring managers glance at your resume and build an impression of your fit based on the industries you’ve worked in.  If you come from outside an industry, it often creates an extra barrier to overcome.  But don’t be discouraged! I KNOW you can do it.  People do it all

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Yes, Luke is a real person. This isn’t some big corporate site with a person’s name attached to it.  This is a homegrown venture that’s become a hub for insider job opportunities. In fact, this little site has helped thousands of people find their dream job at some of the most exciting companies in the country.
Luke Vernon is the man behind it, along with his super-talented team.  He’s an entrepreneur, investor, and people connector who lives in Boulder, Colorado. Aside from that, Luke has built successful companies as a business operator and entrepreneur, and he also invests in emerging companies as a Managing Partner of Ridgeline Ventures.  LEARN MORE ABOUT LUKE.