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2 Simple Tricks to Arrive Home from Work Happy and in a Good Mood

Ya know those days when something didn’t go as you hoped at work? Maybe you’re exhausted at the end of the day, or maybe you just simply weren’t in the best mood when you left the office and headed home. Hopefully that does’t happen too often, but when it does, I have a couple of easy techniques to

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One Simple Tweak That Can Drastically Improve Your Job Search

Here’s a tip that will alter your job search.  It relates to how you share with your network that you’re looking for a new job. We all know that referrals are the single best way to find a job.  But when telling your contacts that you’re seeking a new opportunity and asking your network for referrals,

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Avoid a Major Employer Branding Mistake By Doing This One Thing

I’ve learned the hard way that the manner in which a company treats applicants can play an enormous role in a company’s brand. A bad candidate experience can cause rumor spreading, a poor public opinion, and can turn away potential customers. Let’s look at how the candidate experience plays a role in that person’s perception of a company:

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One Thing that Will Get You Rejected from a Hiring Process

Here’s my latest video blog with a quick tip of something you don’t want to forget to do. Neglecting to do this will guarantee your elimination from a hiring process. Here’s my latest video blog with a quick tip of something you don’t want to forget to do. Neglecting to do this will guarantee your

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Entrepreneur, Investor, Connector
Yes, Luke is a real person. This isn’t some big corporate site with a person’s name attached to it.  This is a homegrown venture that’s become a hub for insider job opportunities. In fact, this little site has helped thousands of people find their dream job at some of the most exciting companies in the country.

Luke Vernon is the man behind it, along with his super-talented team.  He’s an entrepreneur, investor, and people connector who lives in Boulder, Colorado. Aside from that, Luke has built successful companies as a business operator and entrepreneur, and he also invests in emerging companies as a Managing Partner of Ridgeline Ventures.  LEARN MORE ABOUT LUKE.