Uncertainty is Our Teacher

I experienced a major setback today in a really important project I’ve been working on.  Yesterday, everything was great.  Today, it all changed.  

Was it frustrating?  Yes.  Was it demoralizing?  Yes.  Did I let it ruin my outlook on life or on the project?  No.

I will find a way to figure out a solution.  Not solving this particular issue is not something I’m okay with.  

What this situation made me reflect on is the concept of uncertainty and how everyone deals with uncertainty differently.

What if we could train ourselves to get excited when we encounter uncertainty? 

People are creatures of habit.  We look for routines, habits, sameness.  Yet, we are living in a world of uncertainty.  Uncertainty when we’ll be able spend time with friends and family. Uncertainty when our kids will resume school as normal.  Uncertainty in the economy.  Uncertainty in nearly every aspect of life. 

What if we embraced uncertainty?  And not just said we are “okay with it,” but actually gave uncertainty a great big bear hug and held on?  What if we got life and liveliness from uncertainty? 

But why would we do that? 

Here’s why:  Because uncertainty isn’t going away.  The more comfortable we can get with it, the more enjoyable our lives will be. 

What if we viewed uncertainty as our teacher? 

What does uncertainty teach you?  Patience?  Resilience?  That you need to find personal growth in certain areas?

I know it teaches me all of those things and more.   Quite frankly, I’m grateful for uncertainty.  How would any of us grow if we didn’t have it in our lives?