Hi, I’m Luke. When I was COO of a fast-growing, Colorado-based company, I wanted a better way to find talented people. Job boards weren’t delivering. The best source of candidates came from referrals from my personal network. I wanted to institutionalize that.

That’s where Luke’s Circle was born. In 2010, I started an email group and sent it to 180 peer business leaders and professionals. They started sharing their job openings with the network and the list grew through word-of-mouth.

Today, 75% of subscribers are currently employed which is normally a difficult pool of candidates for employers to access. And I consistently hear from companies that are really pleased with the quality of talent they get from our site.

I know how hard it can be to find a job, so I’m regularly humbled when I hear from job seekers who found their dream job on Luke’s Circle. Hopefully we can help make your job search a little easier.

Thank you for being a part of the Luke’s Circle community. Your membership and your referrals mean the world to me.


Founded in 2010 by entrepreneur, business operator, and investor, Luke Vernon, Luke’s Circle has helped thousands of job seekers find their dream job. We work exclusively with emerging companies, desirable employers, nonprofits, and other enterprises that match the interests of our members.

Since day one, our site has grown organically with a big mission in mind: to help people find their dream job and to make it easier for employers to find talented professionals.

Since then, Luke’s Circle has also become a go-to resource for professionals to keep their finger on the pulse of the local business landscape and to stay informed about the exciting companies in the region.