A Quote to Guide Your 2021

I was listening to a podcast with Jack Canfield today and he said something really important about the current time:

It’s just as easy to project a positive future as it is to project a negative future, so why not project a positive one?

I stopped consuming the news/media about 6 months ago.  More importantly, I stopped letting it consume me.  Now when I browse the news, I skim it quickly, I don’t dwell, and I don’t let my mind wander to a place of negativity.  I quickly browse it, but I don’t let it be food for my soul.  I don’t let it consume me. 

It’s so easy to dwell on the news/media everyday and fall into a rut and allow it to make you constantly nervous about the future.  But to Jack’s point, it’s just as easy to project a positive future, so why not live in a positive state?!

2021 is a new year.  Let’s make it an incredible year regardless of what the media feeds us.  Don’t let it be the food of your soul!

Who’s up for it with me?