Hiring takes time.  A lot of it!  Let us streamline your hiring process and ensure the best, most qualified candidates get on your radar, pronto.

Funnel all applications through our talented team and receive a detailed list of candidates categorized by Yes, Maybe, or No. We’ll include notes about why each candidate falls within a certain category, so you can see the analytical part of our concierge process.
After you confirm your selections, we’ll take care of sending personalized responses to every candidate, including rejected candidates, with the utmost professionalism and compassion which delivers a favorable impression of your company.



This is a terrific service for small, emerging, and just-too-freaking-busy companies who don’t have time to handle the initial screening process as well as responding to applicants at the end of the hiring process.
Let us vet applicants for you based on your standard screening questions and our own designed to truly understand the person on the other line.  We’ll also take care of personally responding to all applicants after we make a decision on who you want to proceed with, a step that is often time consuming for companies yet so important to build a positive employer brand.



Beta! We’re expanding to offer full recruiting for our company partners needing to hire fast but hire right. With over 15,000 members in our database, we’re confident we can match you with the right candidate in rapid time.