“Dynamic and passionate people”

I greatly appreciated how valued my time was when working with Luke’s Circle. The process was simple and quick. We immediately started receiving resumes from strong candidates. Within a week, I had a strong group of dynamic and passionate people to begin interviewing. Efficient and effective are the best words to describe my experience!

“Higher caliber”

Just wanted to let you know that we posted an ad on Luke’s Circle for a new bookkeeper and, within about 2 days, got a great candidate that we have hired!  I really felt we got a higher caliber of candidate, so we are thrilled with the service.

“Reaches a different group of people”

Luke does a great job of emailing out your job to his subscribers and presents it in a unique way. Great advertising! Luke’s Circle is great! Definitely reaches a different group of people than some of the other boards. Love the write-ups that you send out very eye catching!

“Introduced us to our hire”

Our HR department posted the job everywhere (LinkedIn, campuses, etc.), but said Luke’s Circle generated some high-quality inquiries and introduced us to our strategy analyst hire.

“It’s effective. It’s winning.”

It’s effective.  It’s winning.  Luke’s Circle is something special and offers great value. Luke really “gets it” and the people who subscribe are the ones you want to reach with your opportunity.

“Some of the best fits”

Luke’s Circle has helped connect us to some of the best professional and cultural fits for our organization, in a wide variety of roles. I’d recommend the service to any local business looking for unique candidates, or to job seekers who are fed-up with ‘run of the mill’ job postings.

“Landed my dream job!”

Tami provides a very valuable career coaching and mentoring service. I started off as a resume review client, continued on with her for coaching, and landed my dream job I had been targeting all along! She gave me great advice at every step along the way and I felt more confident having her in my corner.

“Helpful career advice!”

I found my Sustainability Manager job on Luke’s Circle. What a great resource for cool jobs at cool companies, plus helpful career development advice!

“Always at the top of my list”

Luke’s Circle is always at the top of my list when I’m sourcing great professional talent.

Account Executive job landed!

Ok, so I applied for the sales position after hearing about the role from YOU! Now, not only do I work for this cool company, but would never have heard about it if it wasn’t for you.

“I am now more confident!”

I am now more confident sending in my application materials because of my session with Tami. I no longer have the 5 seconds of stress when hitting the send button to a potential employer because Tami helped me realize the power of a concise resume and cover letter. I also learned the nuances of LinkedIn networking. Thanks for your help!!

Customer Service Manager job landed!

I found a listing for a Customer Service Manager position at a small start up. They contacted me very quickly after I submitted my resume. My in-person interview was the morning the Boulder creek flooded. I received a job offer the following day. I would have had no idea that the company existed without seeing the listing on Luke’s Circle.

“Above and beyond what was expected!”

Tami was very helpful in critiquing specific issues with my resume. The feedback was both appropriate and helpful. Additionally, she helped confirm some thoughts I had tying my experience to my job search which was above and beyond what was expected. This is a good service if you’re looking for affirmation and guidance in terms of being on the right path.

“Opportunities no other resource offers”

Luke’s Circle really gives you a unique type of access to opportunities that no other resource can offer.  Most employment resources simply list available jobs, but Luke’s Circle really provides added value through an intimate circle of employers and job seekers.  Because of Luke’s Circle, I now have the perfect job with the perfect company.

“Top talent”

Luke’s Circle is a local job posting site that aids us in finding top talent in the Colorado area. And a great resource to work with!

“Highly qualified candidates”

Luke’s Circle is a great resource for sourcing highly qualified candidates. The curated community of professionals is a targeted but deep pool of talent that is motivated to find new opportunities. You are really missing out if you aren’t using it.

“Community influencers subscribe”

The response has been EXCELLENT. It made me realize how many community influencers subscribe to your site.  I’m really impressed with the reach of the site and the quality ratio of the applicants. Thank you!

“The tools I need!”

Doing a job search is putting yourself, the very nature of what you are capable of accomplishing, at the mercy of unknown forces and individuals, and it can be very uncomfortable. Thank you for helping me to feel like I have the tools I need to march forward through that discomfort.

“Found my dream job!”

I found my dream job on Luke’s Circle!! I had been a LC subscriber for almost a year, and while there were many very interesting jobs listed which I still forward to others, none really matched my resume. I read every one rather wistfully and dreamed.  After a year of filling out online forms, getting canned automatic email replies (if I got anything at all), I receive a call the next day, from a human. The rest is history.  There’s just something about Luke’s Circle postings that I can’t quite describe to people who don’t get it, but for those who do, I feel like great matches like mine are made every day.

“I find myself excited”

I work with many different sites to post positions and I find myself more excited when I see your email come through. I envision what it would be like to step foot in the doors of some of the companies and opportunities you describe.

“A big new fan!!”

The Circle is a great resource for employers, so thanks for making it easy to find talented people!  You’ve got a big new fan!!

Relocating from out-of-state

I’m currently living in another state and was wanting to relocate to Colorado. I found Luke’s Circle through a web search and subscribed to emails.  I applied for a job as an Account Executive and was soon offered the position. I’m so excited for this opportunity and so thankful to Luke’s Circle for helping me to find a job in Colorado!

“The sole reason I knew about this position”

I’m ecstatic that I landed a new, fun gig.  Luke’s Circle was the sole reason I knew about this position.  If you ever look for endorsements for your website, please let me know as I will shout your praises from the rooftop.  You have a very impressive list of job opportunities.  Thank you for having this site!

“Unlike any other job site”

I was hired as Director of Supply Chain at a natural food company almost exactly two years ago.  You have created a unique resource for local, interesting and relevant jobs. It’s unlike any other “job site” I have found. It is unlikely I would have learned about the position if it weren’t for Luke’s Circle.  The email format and the select number of jobs really allows visibility to each opportunity that comes across. I also appreciate reading about jobs that are not within the operations world. It’s as much of an education on local companies and roles as a great place to find a new job.

“Helped me land an incredible job”

Luke’s Circle consistently provided me with quality job opportunities and helped me land an incredible job in a field that I love.

COO position landed!

I found my current position (COO) through Luke’s Circle.

“Overall the best of any service we used”

The responses were great from your service, overall the best of any service we used.

“I would highly recommend it!”

Luke is extremely caring about the employers he works with and aims to provide job postings that will attract great talent. The job seekers on his job list are great candidates as a lot of them aren’t necessarily looking to find a new job, but are open to great opportunities, which makes this job list unique. I would highly recommend it!

“Best avenue for searching”

Luke’s Circle has truly been my best avenue for job searching in three years.

“Bright, talented, and motivated candidates”

Luke’s Circle has been a great platform for identifying and connecting with bright, talented, and motivated candidates in the local job market. It has been well worth the time and energy we’ve invested in utilizing it as a hiring tool.

“Highly-qualified applicants”

Luke’s Circle is a unique and valuable network of professionals and employment opportunities. Placing a job opportunity on Luke’s Circle as an employer essentially guarantees that you’ll see a select group of highly-qualified applicants. Job seekers in the network can look forward to a regular flow of incredible opportunities. I love what you are doing Luke.

“Delivered the most qualified candidates”

Luke’s Circle was a great discovery for our company. We found a very talented person for our team. Luke’s Circle delivered the most qualified candidates.

“Quality of applicants”

Just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the quality of applicants we received after posting on Luke’s Circle. All four positions have now been filled!

“Worth every penny!”

The Resume Review session was worth every penny. If you haven’t been searching for a job lately, this is well worth your time.  I’ve been out of the job search mode for some time and Tami showed me how to reformat my resume and gave me lots of good advice. I feel pretty confident this will help me land something.

“Worth the money”

A great local job list serve that is like Craig’s List only better. More focused on lifestyle products and up coming companies. Worth the money to pay for a listing. We hired both of our recent positions from Luke’s Circle.

Senior Strategy Analyst job landed!

I applied for a job as a Senior Analyst of Corporate Strategy. I took that job and have since received two promotions and am now Director of Financial Planning & Analysis.

“Recruiter’s power tool”

Luke’s Circle is the natural industry recruiter’s power tool!

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