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Job postings are distributed 2-4 times per week depending on the volume of postings from employers. We try to balance not having too many vs having too few job postings in each email.  It’s an art more than a science and every day of the week has comparable open rates in to our emails.

The driver of applicant volume to your job postings is largely determined by how attractive the opportunity is — the company, the job, the industry, etc. — and how well the job description is written by the company.

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Luke’s Circle has helped connect us to some of the best professional and cultural fits for our organization, in a wide variety of roles.  ~COO of an Outdoor Gear Company

Our HR department posted the job everywhere (LinkedIn, college campuses, etc.), but Luke’s Circle generated high-quality inquiries and introduced us to our new hire.  ~Hiring Manager at an Internet Company

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Software Development/Programming Jobs – I don’t currently accept these types of jobs. I’ve had success sourcing candidates for IT jobs, but not software development/programming.

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