This post isn’t about finding a job, improving your interview skills, or achieving your career goals.  It’s more personal than that.  It’s about two practices I engage in every day that helps shape my appreciation for life.

I’m not trying to preach with this.  I won’t be offended if you click delete right now.  But if you hear me out, perhaps these two practices will also be beneficial to you or someone you know.

We can all agree that Thanksgiving Day is a wonderful opportunity to express gratitude for things in our life.  I presume most of us do that.  But what if we didn’t limit the tradition of expressing gratitude to just one day of the year?  What if we did it every single day?

There are two practices I engage in every day that help me do that.  And by doing these two practices, it’s gradually shifted my perspective on life, on what’s important, and on valuing what/who I have instead of worrying about what I don’t have.

One practice is something my family does every night at the dinner table.  Before anyone eats, we go around the table and each say one thing we’re grateful for.  It’s beautiful to see our kids think of something every day and to see how this practice has shaped them over time.  This supper time tradition is so wonderful to put everything else aside from the day and voice one or more things that I feel gratitude for.

The other practice is done in the morning.  It involves thinking about three things I’m grateful for.  Sometimes I write them down.  Sometimes I just think about them.  Either way, I sit there and feel the deep sense of appreciation I have for whatever I’m thankful for in that moment.

I’d love to learn about other ways you express your gratitude on a daily basis.  And if you give either of these two practices a try, I hope they bring a little extra gratitude and fulfillment into your life as well.

Today’s gratitude:  I’m grateful for you – for everyone who is a part of the Luke’s Circle community.  I had no idea 7 years ago when I started the site that it would be what it is today.  I sent the first email out to 280 people and I’m so very grateful for everyone who has spread the word over the years.  This community is now nearly 15,000 people strong and it’s so very gratifying to receive emails from people saying they found a job they love through the site.  This site would be no where without your positive support.  Thank you for being a part of shaping it.  Truly.

Happy Thanksgiving today and every day.


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