34 Degrees is a growing, Denver-based brand of wafer-thin crispbread made from just a handful of natural ingredients.  They sell their tasty crackers to retailers throughout North America.  They are a favorite snack and hors d’oeuvre in the Vernon household!

Our mission is simply to make the very best crackers that are as good on their own as they are or with a little something extra. We take pride and pleasure in what we do today, knowing that our creativity and commitment to innovation will elevate consumers enjoyment of 34° Crispbread tomorrow. Our team is dedicated, passionate and diverse. Please read more about us, www.34-degrees.com.

34 Degrees is a staple brand in the local natural products scene.  Keep your eye on them for the foreseeable future.

They are now looking for a Central Region Sales Manager.  Candidates can be located in Denver, Dallas, Chicago, or in another major city in the central part of the U.S.  Working from home is a strong possibility.

The ideal person will have experience and success in dealing with Packaged Foods/Specialty items within the deli department of major retailers and an understanding of most classes of trade.  Broker management experience is a must as well as distributor management and selling into retail outlets.  You can read the full job description here.

If you meet the qualifications, please send a cover letter and resume to Mark Gehman at Mark@34-Degrees.com.  As always, no recruiters.  Please let Mark know that you heard about it from Luke’s Circle.

You have the direct hiring manager’s email above, but if you’d rather a direct referral, Top of the Stack is available.  Either way, good luck!




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