For those of you who follow the startup world, you are probably familiar with Mark Suster’s blog, Both Sides of the Table.  Mark is a well-respected entrepreneur-turned-VC based in CA and offers great insights on his site.

Mark just had a great post on how to craft introductory emails.  I couldn’t have said it better myself – he totally nailed it.  In addition to what he said, a couple other good practices are to

  1. If someone introduces you, put the person who introduced you onto BCC of the next email so he doesn’t get caught up in the email trail between the two people just introduced, yet he still knows that a connection was made
  2. As a common courtesy, follow back up with the person who provided the intro after you made the connection so he/she knows it was worthwhile or not and is appreciated for vouching for you.

Mark’s post is definitely worth the 3 minutes to read.  You’ll have a lot more success with intros if you follow his suggestions.


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