Want to learn more about Luke’s Circle members? We conducted a survey in June of 2014 and here are the results. While not every member responded, we feel pretty confident that these results are a pretty good representation of our super-talented members.

Currently employed


A majority of Luke’s Circle members are currently employed. That’s normally a very difficult segment of candidates for employers to reach.
Seeking new opportunities

New opportunities, here we come! Whether actively or passively seeking a new job, Luke’s Circle members are open to entertaining new opportunities.
The Denver and Boulder areas are of highest interest to current members. There is also growing interest in other cities throughout the country (Seattle, Portland, San Fran, L.A., San Diego, NYC, Salt Lake, Phoenix, Boston, and others). Check out the Cities page to get involved in our expansion.
Locations of interest

Luke’s Circle members are mavens! They like being “in the know” and tell their friends when they hear about a cool job opportunity.
Regularly spread the word


Excelling at all levels

Members excel throughout all levels of companies with strong interest in Senior, Mid and Junior level positions.
Size of companies interested in

Emerging growth companies are of particular interest to Luke’s Circle members, but a really strong contingency is also looking for opportunities in larger, more established companies.
A wide range of industries

Members are interested in a variety of industries with natural products/LOHAS, outdoor gear/apparel, professional services (consulting, agencies), consumer goods, renewables/clean tech, and software/internet/tech leading the charge.
Broad mix of job fields

Luke’s Circle members are interested in opportunities in a broad spectrum of fields. Employers have had success hiring for a variety of job functions and with over 74% of members sharing postings with friends, Luke’s Circle has a broad reach.