Luke’s Circle is a network and email list of talented professionals seeking opportunities in Boulder-Denver growth companies (and expanding to other cities!).  It connects the area’s leading employers to a circle of qualified professionals and also provides those professionals with direct access to the latest local insider opportunities.

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Employers - Luke’s Circle offers a unique and powerful way to connect with talented professionals through a curated email sent directly to them.  These professionals wouldn’t normally find your job posting because most of them are currently employed and not actively looking on job boards, but they are interested in exploring new opportunities.  Want more to see more data on Luke’s Circle members?  Take a look here.

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About Luke

I’m Luke Vernon, Boulder resident, passionate entrepreneur and founder of Luke’s Circle.  I started Luke’s Circle for two reasons:

  1. I wanted a better way to find talented people for job openings I had at my then company (COO of Eco-Products at the time).
  2. I wanted a better way to keep in touch with talented professionals and possibly refer them to other employers in my network.

The creation of this site has been a great solution and has evolved into a network of “insider” job opportunities that are usually otherwise difficult to hear about.  The site has grown completely organically to several thousand talented members and continues to grow every month.  Most fulfilling, I frequently receive emails from people telling me how excited they are that they landed such a terrific job from this site.  I also receive similar emails from employers complimenting me on the quality of applicants they get from job postings here.

In addition to founding Luke’s Circle, I’m a passionate business builder and startup junkie.  

I’m currently CEO of Sproutwell, a startup natural foods company.  A brainchild of some of the brightest gluten free food innovators in the baked goods industry, Sproutwell is aiming to become the leading supplier of sprouted ingredients (ancient grains, wheat and others) to the food and beverage industry.

I was previously an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Greenmont Capital, a leading venture capital firm that invests in emerging companies in the natural products and LOHAS industries.

From 2004-2013, I was COO of Eco-Products, the nation’s leading brand of environmental foodservice products, based in Boulder. The company makes a complete line of foodservice products (cups, plates, food containers, and eating utensils) from renewable resources and recycled materials.  I helped the company grow from less than $1M to over $80M in 9 years.  We sold the business in 2012 to Waddington North America, a leading manufacturer of high-end foodservice disposable products.

Eco-Products was recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in America (#270 at its peak) and a top 6 fastest growing company in Boulder Country (’08, ’09, ’10) as well as a “Colorado Company to Watch” (’09).

I’ve done a few other startups along the way, but prior to Eco-Products, I was a consultant with Deloitte in New York City. I have an MBA from the University of Colorado and a BS from Cornell University where I played basketball for the Big Red.  I’m also a mentor for TechStars.

More info on my background can be found on my LinkedIn profile.  

I operate Luke’s Circle in my free time.  If you have questions about the site, feel free to email me:  luke [at] lukescircle [dot] com